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Patient Wall of Fame

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    ~ Gary ~

    Thanks to Dr. Kennedy and everyone at HSS.
    I could not have completed my 40th NY marathon thi...

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    ~ Jennifer ~

    It takes an army… thank you, Dr. Kennedy + HSS

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    ~ Jen ~

    Our patient, Jen, getting back to running after a peroneal tendoscopy and fibular groove deepening. ...

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    ~ Davi ~

    Our high school athlete who initially presented with a severe ankle sprain. As a surgeon, it is temp...

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    ~ Delaney ~

    Delaney had her first collegiate lacrosse game against Army and played amazing. We cannot thank you ...

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    ~ Christie ~

    For over a year I was not able to golf or walk more than a few steps without pain. That is, until I ...

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    ~ BLAKE ~

    Smooth getaway courtesy of Dr. K’s shockwave therapy on my cranky ankle.

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    ~ Sabrina ~

    Post FHL reconstruction surgery with Dr.Kennedy. I couldn’t be happier to walk the red carpet at p...

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    ~ Carol ~

    I saw dr Kennedy and Egan last February for posterior tibialis ligament surgery. I just returned fro...

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