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Comments: Thank you very much for the successful surgery, treatment and recovery plan you put for me!
I would not get where I am now to have the good race result for New York Marathon on Sunday 11/04. I achieved 3:17:38 for 26.2 miles, 7:33 per mile! I am back! It’s 8 seconds faster than my last best race before I was injured 1.5 years ago in Boston Marathon (completed marathon with my broken bones….crazy).
Over 52,700 athletes from the world participated the race, I am overall 300 out of over 23,000 female runners, and 12 out of 2,200 at my division. It was a beautiful day for the race, almost entire route with cheering and music bands…. It was fun and I am happy with the result, my daily 5 am up for 8 miles 1 hour run paid off J! Thanks again for the successful surgery!