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Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Injection (BMAC)

Concentrated Bone Marrow Aspirate (CBMA)

BMAC has many of the growth factors found in PRP but it also has mesenchymal stem cells and a very potent anti-inflammatory interleukin receptor antagonist protein (IRAP). BMAC is used in similar conditions as listed for PRP, but it has the added benefit of stem cells. The old thought of a stem cell being injected and turning into the body part I was injected into has evolved. We now know that stem cells help activate macrophages or white blood cells to produce a secrotome. It is this secrotome that is tissue specific and promotes local cell turnover. Thus, the presence of growth factors, stem cell producing secretomes and IRAP make BMAC a very attractive orthobiologic.

Conditions where we use BMAC:

Tendinopathies and Tendon tears

  • Upregulates tenocyte production and promotes homogenous tendon repair when combined with appropriate mechanical stimulis
  • Achilles tendon, Posterior tibial tendon, Peroneal tendon, Extensor/Flexor Hallucis tendon repairs are all augmented now with BMAC with excellent long-term outcomes


  • BMAC upregulates endochondral temporal cascade through TGF-beta mediated growth factors
  • Used in Jones fracture, delayed unions, non-unions, stress reactions, stress fractures and has shown excellent clinical outcomes

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate in Animal Long Bone Healing: An Analysis of Basic Science Evidence

Percutaneous internal fixation of proximal fifth metatarsal jones fractures (Zones II and III) with Charlotte Carolina screw and bone marrow aspirate concentrate: an outcome study in athletes

The effect of concentrated bone marrow aspirate in operative treatment of fifth metatarsal stress fractures; a double-blind randomized controlled trial


  • BMAC reduces the catabolic load on cartilage by reducing metalloproteinases or enzymes that are destructive to cartilage
  • A potent anti-inflammatory effect is mediated by IRAP
  • BMAC upregulates collagen production and stimulates synoviocytes (cells in the joint) to produce joint sparing proteins including hepatocytes and hyaluronic acids (HAs)
  • BMAC has also been used to augment osteochondral repair and replacement as well as provide a biologic milieu in arthritic joints

Benefits Associated With Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Injection (BMAC)

  • Accelerated tendon healing
  • Protects cartilage that lines the ankle joint
  • Accelerated return to sport and daily activities
  • Potent antibacterial properties
  • Minimally invasive harvesting technique which negates the need for any incisions nor sutures

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