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Bone Marrow Stimulation/Biocartilage Infill

What is Bone Marrow Stimulation/Biocartilage of the Ankle?

Biocartilage is a scaffold and bone marrow aspirate provides stem cells and growth factors that when used in conjunction, produce a cartilage like material that is used to infill the osteochondral lesion.

Qualifications for BMS/Biocartilage Procedure

When your osteochondral lesions less than 1cm in diameter.

BMS Procedure

  • The surgery is performed under general anesthesia.
  • It is done arthroscopically
  • A scope is introduced to the affected joint. The joint is debrided of all inflamed synovium and scar tissue.
  • Once the joint is cleared, Bone marrow stimulation is done by creating a bleeding bed and biocartilage is injected to infill the osteochondral lesion.
  • Bone marrow concentrate, drawn from the patient’s iliac crest, is injected into the joint to promote healing and growth factors.

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