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Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

What is an Ankle Sprain?

Every day 27,000 people will sprain their ankles in the United States. Dr. Kennedy is a founding member of the ESSKA AFAS lateral ankle instability group and therefore is at the forefront of both non-surgical and surgical methods of addressing this pathology. Over 80% of simple ankle sprains recover with physical therapy, but of those that don’t recover require surgery

How are Ankle Sprains Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of an ankle sprain is usually made by evaluating the history of the injury and through a thorough physical examination of the ankle. X-ray(s) of your ankle may be ordered by your doctor to determine the presence of a fracture or MRIs may be used to rule out tendon tear and cartilage injury which often occur with ankle sprains. 

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Ankle Sprains

All of most ankle sprains should be treated with conservative treatment initially as over 80% of symptoms will resolve. When conservative treatments fail, different surgical approaches to ankle instability can be taken. 

Conservative treatment options can be considered and are offered in the office

  • Bracing: to reduce motion of the ankle
  • Shockwave Therapy: Shock wave is a specific sound wave frequency that is used to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. It includes local release of growth factors stimulates regeneration and repair as well as neovascular proliferation. Local blood vessel growth also stimulates regeneration and repair. Blockage or down regulation of pain receptor cells also occurs...Read more
  • Physical Therapy: rehabilitation exercises are recommended to strengthen and improve range of motion as well as improve balance in your foot.

Surgical Treatment Options for Ankle Instability 

Traditional open repair with long recovery times are infrequently used these days. MIS or minimally invasive surgery using arthroscopy can no address torn ligaments with repair and augmentation.

Repair, Replacement or Reconstruction of the ankle ligament (ATFL) are determined based on the quality of the ligament after MRI. 


  • Brostrom Gould operation is a direct repair of the ankle ligament. 
  • Internal Brace which is a synthetic check rein that is used to provide support for repairing ATFL may also be used to reinforce the ligament. 
  • Dr. Kennedy is the first person in the world to perform a Nano ATFL repair in the office and this will be the standard of care for most athletes with this injury moving forward.


  • Internal Brace which is a synthetic check rein that is used to provide support for repairing ATFL may also be used to reinforce the ligament. 


  • Hybrid is used when poor quality tissue is available and a graft is taken to replace the ligament.

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