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Impingement of The Ankle: Anterior and Posterior

Anterior Ankle Impingement

Anterior ankle impingement, also referred to as “athlete’s ankle” or “footballer’s ankle,” occurs when bone or soft tissue in the anterior ankle joint becomes inflamed due to repetitive stress. This can lead to bone spurs on the tibia or talus and synovitis. This will cause pain, swelling and restricted range of motion of the ankle, especially dorsiflexion. In persistent cases, surgery is beneficial. The procedure can be done arthroscopically and special instruments are used to shave away redundant soft tissues and bone spurs.

Anteromedial Impingement of the Ankle (AMI)

Anteromedial impingement of the ankle (AMI) is common in runners and soccer players. This limits the ability of dorsiflexion the ankle has. This condition is treated with a nano-arthroscopic resection of the bone at the front of the ankle which can be done in office. Recovery is a matter of a few weeks before patients can resume sports.

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Posterior Ankle Impingement or Os Trigonum

This condition is often seen in ballet dancers, runners and soccer players. When physical therapy fails, surgical treatment is often required. The largest series in North America was reported by our team on this condition treated with arthroscopic resection, providing much shorter time to return to play sports. This arthroscopic approach can now be done in the office via nano-arthroscopy to allow rapid return to sport.

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