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Peroneal Tendon Dislocation 

Peroneal Tendinitis and Dislocatio

What is Peroneal Tendinitis and Dislocation?

This condition is often seen in patients with ankle instability but can present at any time with pain over the lateral or outer aspect of the leg associated with a snapping sensation.

Signs and Symptoms

Pain on the lateral side of the ankle often associated with chronic ankle instability.

What if the Condition is Left Untreated?

Will progress to degeneration and tearing of the tendon.

How is Peroneal Tendinitis and Dislocation Treated?

Traditional surgeries required open removal of bone with tightening of the tissue to prevent recurrent displacement of the tendons. NYU surgeons have been pioneers in using minimally invasive surgery (MIS Nano tendoscopic procedures that allow this surgery be performed through keyhole surgery in the office facilitating early return to sport.

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