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Comments: I was recommended to Dr Kennedy by NYU Dr Lamm
For my serve foot pain
Dr Kennedy did not know much about my case and agreed to examine me and review my extensive paperwork of surgery and procedures performed that did nothing to help me manage or relieve this pain, I had for 20 years
He knew rather quickly that I had nerve damage in my tendon called The Knot Of Henry in which no Doctor had ever determined. He recommended Cortizone injections and my life is changing already for the good
I have relief that in so many years , no Doctor could provide
Dr Kennedy knew what I needed and I am feeling much better and expect with additional injections my pain will even respond more
I am grateful to Dr Kennedy for his ability to diagnose and treat this nerve pain and make such a difference in my life
Thanks to Dr Kennedy and his team of doctors and nurses
I am very grateful to everyone
Thank You Mindy Cohen