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Joseph: Peroneal Surgery

I have been an athlete throughout my entire life and at the age of twenty-six, I was suffering from significant knee, ankle, and low back pain that simple NSAID’s, ice, and rest could no longer help me with. I made an appointment with Dr. Kennedy this past November looking to find the root cause of my pain, and he and his team did not disappoint. After getting a thorough work up, including the necessary imaging, Dr. Kennedy discussed the diagnosis and treatment options with me very clearly. He informed me that I had been living with partially torn left peroneal longus and brevis tendons, a grade III rupture of the superior peroneal retinaculum, had early signs of knee osteoarthritis, mild talonavicular joint osteoarthritis, and minimal posterior calcaneal spurring. It was such a relief to finally have a diagnosis to explain the chronic pain I was experiencing up until that point. I underwent surgical repair of my injuries with Dr. Kennedy at NYU’s Foot and Ankle Center. My experience as a patient was excellent as I received outstanding care from his entire team at every step of my journey, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Now just six months following my surgery I am undergoing physical rehabilitation, I’m able to walk without knee and ankle pain for the first time in over eight years and have started to regain my ability to play competitive sports. I know that this wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Kennedy’s expertise and use of the latest technology and medical interventions. Dr. Kennedy and the team of professionals that work with him went above and beyond to provide the best patient care. I would highly recommend seeking his expertise if you are suffering from chronic pain or are living with an injury that requires surgical correction.