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Osteochondral Lesions (OCLs) of the Foot

What are OCL’S of the Foot?

Lesions of the cartilage that occur is smaller joint spaces such as the 1st MTP and Navicular Bone.

Surgical Approach to address OCL of the feet:

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It involves the following steps:

  • It is done arthroscopically
  • A scope is introduced to the affected joint. The joint is debrided of all inflamed synovium and scar tissue.
  • Once the joint is cleared, Bone marrow stimulation is done by creating a bleeding bed and biocartilage is injected to infill the osteochondral lesion.
  • Bone marrow concentrate, drawn from the patient’s iliac crest, is injected into the joint to promote healing and growth factors.
  • If hardware is required, a screw may be used.

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