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Physical Therapy – A Multidisciplinary approach

Dr Kennedy believes that surgery is one small component of a multi-dimensional equation for successful recovery. The patient, the physical therapist and other key ancillary professionals each play an integral role. Therefore, your physical therapy is absolutely critical to a successful outcome of your surgery or non-surgical treatment regime, and your full participation is expected.

Characteristically, the early stage of Physical Therapy (PT) is passive, introducing tissue stimulation with thermal regulation (hot or cold packs), ultrasound or a bone stimulator. Once sufficient healing has occurred, varying degrees of movement are introduced, thereby prodding synapses to fire up subsequently setting the tone for your progressive movement forward. During this latter phase you and your Physical Therapist are working together re-educating nerve endings, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones, and building your strength and confidence for the more aggressive therapy that will get you back to your game.

We’ve hand picked our PT team, and feel that they are the most gifted therapists in New York City. Their extensive understanding of the body - its ability to heal, the pacing and intervals needed for alternate challenge and restoration - is exceptional. Dr. Kennedy prescribes your Physical Therapy game plan and the therapists implement it. Your role is to show up, give your best, listen to your body, articulate what you’re experiencing and maintain an active dialogue with your Physical Therapist.
Lastly, it is essential that you complete the full term of Therapy prescribed. It is through the alchemy of surgery, physical therapy and your conscious participation that you develop the strength needed for the ultimate goal of returning to your game.

Click here for the standard physical therapy protocol used by Dr. Kennedy for all OATS and arthroscopic microfracture surgeries for the repair of an osteochondral lesion.

Laser Therapy

This is a relatively new technique employed by Dr. Kennedy in liaison with two specific physical therapists, David Wickenden and Erika Muraski. It is employed for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of various structures in the foot and ankle such as the tendons. Both of these excellent physical therapists have specialist training in the use of Class IV lasers which have are beneficial in the treatment of common foot and ankle problems.'

Bone Stimulation

Part of your physical therapy treatment may include use of a bone stimulator. Dr. Kennedy has fostered beneficial relationships with manufacturers of both ultrasound and electromagnetic bone-stimulating devices which are employed effectively to expedite bone healing and achieve a faster and more successful recovery.

Our Physical Therapy Team

US Athletic Training [USATC]
Physical Therapy and Athletic Training
Gary Guerriero
515 Madison Ave
@ 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212 355 8440
Fax: 212 355 8439

I.C.E. Sports Health
Marty Jaramillo, PT, ATC, CSCS, Co-owner & CEO Said Hamdan, MS, ATC, COO
330 East 61st Street, NY, NY, 10021
Tel: 212 355 5100 ext 256
Fax: 212 223 2206

Kiwi Physical Therapy
David Wickenden, Manual Physical Therapist, PT, Master of MT, FAAOMPT
22 East 41st Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212 686 1112
Fax: 212 686 1717

Erika Muraski, MSPT, MBA, CSCS
211 East 43rd Street
Suite 2300
New York, NY 10017
Cell: (646) 489 1967
Fax (646) 607 9444

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